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So what keyword research tool do you need? Do you really need that popular tool? How about that expensive one?

Keyword Research Tools According To Your NeedsIt’s actually a good question to start us off.

Before these tools had emerged, people were able to get to the top ranking of Google just fine.

Well, now that the tools are here, and technology has captured us to the point of no return, we just need to learn to ride with it.

Investing in these techy tools is now an essential for success.

What do you get from a premium keyword research tool?

The answer is: Time and Data

You’ll realize that getting such tools is really worth the investment because of what you get from it. The tool can save you time by speeding up the research procedure. Moreover, it can give you an array of insights and data that would not be normally available to ordinary users.

The valuable info you get can direct you to target keywords, as opposed to going forward blind. With this you can have a firm foundation for your content because you have used keywords that have statistical basis.

With a statistical tool, it is hard to debate against it. Using a premium keyword research tool clearly has its benefits like functioning efficiently to online marketers.

So, which one really is the quickest and most efficient tool?

On my other post, I discussed about the 2 approach in finding the best keywords.

There are two main types of approaches.

  1. First Approach - Traditional keyword research
  2. Second Approach - Competitor-based keyword research

You will learn more about it by reading this post here.

Traditional Keyword Research Tools

A lot of keyword research tools in the market are traditional based approaches. Here are the best ones in the market.

1. Moz Keyword ExplorerMoz Pro is well-known in the SEO market as the best in providing a wide array of SEO-based tools like the ‘Moz Keyword Explorer’, which is a traditional keyword research tool.

2. SE CockpitSE Cockpit is yet another popular traditional keyword research tool with more than 67,000 users. It is known for its warp speed tools when doing keyword research.

3. Long Tail ProLong Tail Pro has been in the industry for a long time. It is the pioneer of the keyword competitiveness score in the marketplace. Until now, it still offers consistent upgrades and improvements that challenge other keyword research tools.

4. KW FinderKW Finder is among the latest of the traditional keyword research tools, which is based on a KISS (Keep It Short and Simple) perspective, without sacrificing a detailed analysis – exactly what most people want!

Competitor-Based Keyword Research Tools

There are fewer keyword research tools that are following the competitor-based approach, and that is because of its novelty to the industry. Aside from that, it’s new and far more thorough in looking at resources when doing a keyword research.

The truth is…

There are some competitor-based tools that have incorporated the traditional research approach. But let me get things straight: This is not true in reverse. Check this out:

1. SERPStat SERPStat is an all-in-one SEO tool, which means it is not your ordinary keyword research tool. It’s still somewhat new to the field, but this rookie seems to have already made its mark, as it was featured in AppSumo.

2. Ahrefs Ahrefs has been in the field longer than SERPSTAT. It is one of the best competitor-based research tool which offers a vigorous traditional keyword research tool as part of the premium plan.

3. SEMRush – SEMRush is a pioneer in first competitor-based keyword research tools which rapidly became a favourite choice among SEO’s in the different fields.

Now that we have differentiated the two approaches, have you decided the best approach? Share it with us in the comments below.

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