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Most people are loose with their words. Are you one of them? I hope not!

How To Save Your Time And Avoid Joy ReserversIt’s simple how this happens.

It’s easier to procrastinate and delay on things.

It’s easier to not move now, and get entertained instead.

We are all guilty of this.

That is why, as a business owner, you should be able to delineate your ideal clients vs. people who are just wasting your time.

That said, let me do a little public service announcement here: only move for your ideal clients. And I mean clients. Only do work for CLIENTS.

They are not (yet) your clients if…

  1. there’s no down payment
  2. there’s no contract

That’s it!

You’ve experienced this before…

People telling you they’ll buy from you and even ask for an invoice but never pay it. When you follow up, they’ll say an excuse but still delay the actual payment. Classic joy reserver move!

People will shake your hand, even make a job order, a purchase order, or request your details, but they never pull the trigger. Even the reason is unimportant.

I know a handmade supplies business owner who had a woman who tried to work with her, requested a contract, and tried to bait her by saying “we will deposit the amount in your bank today” and then after a while say “btw, I need your advice on something…” Haha, try someone less smart!

I’ve learned and re-learned this lesson that’s why I’ve set a few boundaries in place.

The start-and-end time of each meeting if it’s only exploratory. Second meetings (or calls) without a contract. The depth of consultation will be limited. No full turnover without full payment.

Treat everyone with courtesy, but guard your time well. It’s the only resource you can’t get back.

Make way for your ideal clients by limiting time with the wrong ones.

This helps you scale, as well as get better head space for what truly matters.

Lastly, it ensures better quality of work for your ACTUAL CLIENTS. Then, everyone’s happy. 🙂

What boundaries have you put in place for non-clients? (Even if they SWEAR they’ll buy a lot from you?)

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