4 Ways To Work On Your Communication Skills For Business

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Bad communicators finish last.

4 Ways To Work On Your Communication Skills For BusinessWell, that’s not the most encouraging intro you’ll ever read, but I want you to remember that!


How you communicate online or offline will be a HUGE factor to having an easier life.

In general. Business, finding a partner, relationships with friends and family, building a fan base, getting the best deals at the things you could negotiate with.

In fact, I credit ALL of my business achievements to above average communication skills. I know a lot of you are introverts and sometimes, feel tired to engage with people, and that’s okay! But if you don’t want to work on it, I tell you, just GIVE UP on having a successful business right now. Seriously.

It will show…

In the way you talk to someone, during craft shows (big or small), social media, customer support, your written content, everything.

You would meet people who are super naturals: the ones who would easily start a conversation, they make you feel like the most interesting person in the world, can easily fascinate, and will even give value along the way.

Then there’s the shy ones. They’d pick the seat far from the crowd, hide behind their phones, and can barely maintain eye contact.

And finally, the varsity narcissists. I met someone the other night who’s like this. He didn’t ask anything about me (or anyone in the table), he talked AT me, and shut down any opinion that misaligned with his.

I think it’s obvious who will have the most (and best quality) opportunities among these three.

And you don’t need to be an award-winning speaker to be #boss at this. You just have to…

  1. not be socially inept and be more conscious of your surroundings
  2. listen more, talk less (unless you’re onstage, lol)
  3. don’t be easily triggered, offended, or thin-skinned
  4. study body language basics

Then you’re set.

The handmade business universe is brimming with abundance. The question is: can you talk yourself into them?

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