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It’s so inspiring to see women who are soulful, thoughtful, realistic and intentional become successful and share the joy.

How To Run A Profitable Purpose-Driven Handmade BusinessToday, I’m going to share with you this very inspiring video interview between two lovely ladies, Marie Forleo and Satya Scainetti, owner of Satya’s Jewelry.

You will be amazed with Satya’s adventurous journey from being a disenchanted social worker to launching an enormously successful global jewelry brand from scratch.

Not to spoil everything from this video interview but a part that strikes me the most is, “Thinking you have to do this alone actually stops you sometimes…. It takes a village, you can’t do it alone.” A golden advice about women in business multi-tasking.

I’m guilty of trying to do everything myself!

It’s so challenging for women not to keep piling on your to-do’s and overextending in so many roles. You may even feel like you have to balance everything yourself.

But you can always ask help from your partner, family and friends. They don’t only reduce the stress but it can also be a bonding moment with them.

You can also outsource assistance from Elance, Guru or Odesk.

Here’s the beautiful video that will inspire you:

So what hits you in her words?

A top hit for me: design your PRICE with “give back” in it.

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