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Do you want to know how to build followers when you’re just starting out your online journey?

How To Build Followers When You Are Just Starting OutI have three tips for you!

You follow these three tips below, not only are you gonna get more traffic, but you’re gonna build up a more loyal fan base so that way whenever you push out content, videos, podcasts, there’s gonna be people waiting to follow you. Best of all, when you wanna monetize, they’ll also start buying from you as well.

1. Search For Active Communities

First, whatever product or service you’re offering, or whatever niche you’re in, there’s probably a really active community of those people and you need to find them.

So where can you find them?

They usually hang out on forums and Facebook groups.

When you participate in forums and groups, always read the rules so you don’t get kicked out and blocked. You also need to be active and respond to members’ posts that interests you.

These people will be your future die-hard fans. They become your first followers, subscribers and customers. They’re not only much more likely to buy from you, but they’re likely to blog, share, tell other people about you.

2. Know Your Potential Followers

Check what your potential followers read and subscribe to. Typically, they don’t read too many sites. For example, in the handmade business world, there’s so many crafting blogs that I can’t keep track of, but there’s only a few handful that are super popular, like the Etsy blog, or Three Birds Nest blog, or Creative Income blog, or Cupcake Trainings. But when you guest post on these blogs, it doesn’t take too much effort because you don’t have to guest post on hundreds of blogs.

3. Make Them Share Your Business

Make other people members share your business. If you ask people in your community to share your content, especially when you don’t have any followers yet and you’re not popular, they’re usually not gonna do it. So you have to do something that causes them to want to share it.

For example, if I was new to the marketing world and I release amazing blog posts with stats and data about handmade and ETsy and I also link to Renae Christine of Cupcake Trainings or Marie Forleo of Marie TV or someone from the Etsy blog, I would then email them saying, “Hi Renae, I have to say, I am one of your avid subscribers. I really liked this new video you uploaded so much so, that I even linked to you in my newest blog post. Feel free to check it out here. “ and guess what? I was able to meet her in person and got featured on one of her videos.

You can see it here:

Now, I could go on and on with more and more tips, but I found that these three simple ones work well.

So, thank you for reading. If you’re struggling to build up your first 1000 followers or fans and engaging the community, leave a comment below, tell me what you’ve tried, where you’re struggling. I’ll respond back with some tips. In addition to that, if you enjoyed the post, like, comment, share, tell other people about it, subscribe. You can also find me on Facebook here.

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