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Do you need help with your business but are hesitant to hire someone because they might be expensive?

How To Hire An Assistant For Just 3 An HourYou can actually hire someone to help you with things that can be done virtually such as providing customer service, helping you with your inventory, managing your social media pages, building your own website, and a lot more!

To get started, virtual assistants (otherwise known as VAs) are remote employees that you can hire from anywhere in the world.

So what websites should you use when hiring VAs?

You can easily use Upwork, Odesk, and when hiring VAs

What countries should you hire virtual assistants?

There is no country that is “better” than the other. If you are hiring from an anglo-European country be prepared to pay much higher prices as the median salaries are very high.

Most people want to know how to hire a virtual assistant for the lowest cost possible. These are the most common countries to hire from:

  1. India: Median salary is $620 USD a month.
  2. Philippines: Median salary is $570 USD a month (My personal favorite)
  3. Pakistan: Median salary is $480 USD a month.
  4. Sri Lanka: Median salary is $400 USD a month.

My personal favorite is to hire virtual assistants from the Philippines because the time zone is closest to our own so our work days overlap. But you may find that your timezone matches better with someone based in say, Pakistan.

Filipinos are also great at speaking English which makes the hiring process easier. But you may find the right VA in another country. There is no “right” or “wrong” country.

Check this video by Wholesale Ted for a step-by-step tutorial which will teach you how to hire a virtual assistant.

One last piece of advice on how to hire a Virtual Assistant: Treat all of your employees well. Your employees will make or break your business. Be a great boss!

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