Why You Should Be Happy For Having A Small Business

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Are you striving to be #1 in your niche?

Why You Should Be Happy For Having A Small BusinessMost handmade businesses get overshadowed by big companies or even popular Etsy sellers. Small handmade businesses don’t have the resources to pull off million-dollar promotions.

In choosing where to shop, many people look first at prices, then location and then the name of the store, with little thought given to the importance of supporting small, local businesses.

There are disadvantages to opening a small business too, such as having to make financial decisions and establishing a good reputation. But, they do have a lot of advantages compare to big companies.

Being a small business offers some distinct and impressive advantages against big businesses.

Learn how to get the most powerful benefits from your inherent advantage in size with this inspiring video from Valuetainment.

The key to excel against your big rivals is to do the things that they don’t do. Your small size has its advantages – way more than mentioned in the video. Use them to outmaneuver and out service them every time and win the game!

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