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Do you love crafting? Do you go to a variety of websites to research a project and then need to go elsewhere to buy the materials?

Etsy Studio – A New Marketplace GuideEtsy has a solution for you, and it’s called Etsy Studio!

Etsy Studio aim to make it a global market dedicated to craft supplies. It is the first new market Etsy has built from the ground up since the marketplace first launched in 2005. It allows handmade enthusiasts to search for crafting inspirations for their next project, and then purchase all of the needed materials in one place.

Etsy Studio will also promote DIY projects alongside supplies and tools, making it easy for shoppers to easily get inspirations and purchase all in one place. Etsy plans to launch with at least 8 million products, including things like paintbrushes and mosaic tiles.

This marketplace launch will help the Etsy capitalize on an existing customer base and drastically expand its presence in the $44 billion craft supply market, where it competes with top craft supplies stores like of Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.

Etsy already offers craft supplies, but Etsy Studio will be offering new features for both buyers and sellers. Here are a few:

  1. Extended search filters will allow buyers to easily narrow down their search to type of craft, with additional filters within each category. This feature could be very popular among niche crafters, such as book artists or bone carvers, who are usually designated a small section in stores and have very little offerings to choose from.
  2. New video tutorials will seamlessly connect viewers to the supplies they will need to create a specific craft item.
  3. The Shop Manager interface will provide additional support to users. The platform will include tools like inventory management, order tracking, and shop analytics to assist its customers in growing their shops.
  4. The success of vendors is beneficial to Etsy as it collects fees on product listings and a percentage of each sale.
  5. The Shop Manager will also connect sellers to other services Etsy provides such as Pattern, which assists with website set up, and Wholesale, which connects them to boutiques that can carry their merchandise.


  1. If you are already a seller on Etsy, the craft supply listings will automatically roll over to the new Etsy Studio marketplace along with staying listed on – so no work is needed on your behalf!
  2. Digital items like clip art, scrapbook items and printable digital downloads will be included in Etsy Studio.
  3. Etsy fees will stay at 3.5%, there are no additional fees for being visible on Etsy Studio. Listings will also remain visible on Etsy.
  4. For now, all of the tutorial content is created and edited by Etsy’s in-house content team.

For sellers who don’t currently sell on Etsy, you don’t have to sell handmade goods, you can sell your craft supplies so if you’re new to Etsy it’s time to consider listing everything.

Sounds interesting, right? This will surely help the crafting community expand and more enjoyable to enthusiasts.

If you want to know more about Etsy Studio when it launches, head on to our Facebook page to get the freshest content about handmade.

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