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Healthy competition is always a good thing for businesses to do better but what happens when that business is too big to compete with?

The Best Ways To Compete With Big BusinessesWith this in mind, here are some ways to challenge big businesses:

The best handmade business owners are always ready to compete. Every small business (David) is more agile, flexible and active than a big business (Goliath), but the best ones never give up and always improve their strengths.

  1. If they undercut your prices, focus on giving better customer service. Big companies usually have a more cut-and-dry approach to customer service. It isn’t very personal, and usually only memorable because of how bad it is. Have a personality – a likeable, friendly one – and differentiate yourself based on how pleasant your business is.
  2. If they target your new product, come out with another better and hotter product.
  3. If they target your customer demographic, build a user experience that it could never match.

All of these actions will help fight off even the biggest companies because you’ll be building communities of like-minded individuals. It is never easy to compete, but if you wanted easy, you should have kept the 9-to-5.

Check this inspiring video from Valuetainment and see how to compete with bigger companies:

Being a small business can be challenging when it comes to competing with others. But while we often don’t always have the resources to follow our big named competitors we do have the ability to be agile, and that often makes all the difference.

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