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Are you struggling to get your craft blog noticed in a crowded and competitive world of handmade business? Do you feel small with celebrity bloggers who are sucking all the traffic out of your topic area?  Don’t worry. You still have a good fighting chance to get noticed.

How? Be featured on your target craft blog and gain credibility!

Why do you need to get your blog be featured on other big shot blogs?

  1. They have a lot of followers and being featured will drive traffic to your blog.
  2. Be discovered! Magazine editors, store owners, and handmade enthusiasts read blogs.
  3. It’s a great way to get feedback on your work.

So, how to get featured?

Build Your Blog Portfolio

It is not only about posting great photos of your product but also the way your blog is presented. Investing in crisp, quality photography is important. Learn how to take great pictures of your products by checking our free tutorial on craft photography.

If you are doing DIY tutorials in your blog, you may also find it useful to learn from our free video creation series and effective video marketing guide.


Do your market research and list related sites you’d LOVE to get traffic from, and why you wanted traffic from those sites. Subscribe and get updates on what topics interest them the most and check their guest post guidelines.

Click Send!

Start e-mailing them. Keep your pitch email short and concise with a descriptive subject line that will tug at their eyeballs and keep their hand away from the Delete key and the opportunity begins there!

Don’t forget to always follow the instruction! If a blog asks for submissions in a certain way, do it that way. Bloggers receive tons of emails everyday and they set those guidelines for a reason. Make a good impression and you’re more likely to get posted.

There it is. Simple!

Good luck on your submissions!

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