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You may spend your days crafting, marketing your Etsy shop , problem-solving, and doing other mentally challenging tasks. But what have you learned lately? Have you recently pushed yourself to expand your creative skills?

How-Etsy-Top-Sellers-Expand-Their-Creative-SkillsIf you’re like most people, you spent 12 years – or more – of your formative years going to school five days a week, nine months of the year. You memorized multiplication tables, recited the preamble to the constitution, and read Shakespeare. But then you grew up and left behind the chalkboard dust, uncomfortable desks, and rigors of textbook lessons.

Sure, its’ great to have no homework anymore. But that doesn’t mean your mind – and your spirit – wouldn’t benefit from learning to expand your creative skills. We are creatures of routine. Every day we go through the motions of what we did the day before. Coffee: check. Answer emails: check. Drive from garage to shipping outlets to deliver the orders: check. You get the picture… and you can easily envision your own daily schedule of events. Does it sound mind numbing? Wake up your brain.

Here are some tips from Etsy top sellers to help you expand your creative skills:

Brainstorm To Inspire New Ideas

Brainstorming is commonly used at school and work, but it can also be an effective way to develop your creativity. Start by suspending your judgment and self-criticism, then start writing down related ideas and possible solutions. The goal is to generate as many ideas as possible in a relatively short span of time. Next, focus on clarifying and refining your ideas in order to arrive at the best possible choice.

Create A Mind Map

Organizing your ideas after brainstorming is an important step to produce your creative juices. Create a mind map by writing down a central topic or word. Next, link related terms or ideas around the central word. While similar to brainstorming, this technique allows for branching ideas and offers a very visual way of seeing how these ideas are linked.

Find An Inspiration

Seek for inspiration and make it your muse. Your muse can be found in nature, in people, in music, in a memory, or in a particular situation. When you find it, you don’t have to wait for those moments of inspiration to come around, you can activate your creativity on demand.

Build Your Confidence

Insecurity in your abilities can not only suppress your marketing efforts but your creativity as well which is why it is important to build confidence. Make note of the progress you have made, commend your efforts and always be on the lookout for ways to reward your creativity.

Make Time for Creativity

You won’t be able to develop your creative talents if you don’t make time for them. Schedule some time each week to concentrate on some type of creative project.

That’s it. How about you? How do you expand your creative skills? Please let us know in the comment box below.

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