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Good product photography is important. It increases the perceived value of your products and makes your handmade business website appear more trustworthy.

10-Tools-To-Create-Perfect-Product-ImagesBut taking your products to a professional photographer can be expensive if you’re just starting out.
So here’s the ultimate DIY guide to beautiful product photography, so that you too can shoot some gorgeous pictures that sell:

Free images

Finding great images to use is not easy, especially if you want to avoid copyrighted photos. Here are my favorite resources:

  • Flickr – This is where I search for free images under the creative commons category.
  • MorgueFile – They have nice original photos that are not stock-style photography.
  • Smart Photostock – You’ll never find a cheap overused stock image there.

Visual Quoting Tools

Putting quotes or texts next on the image makes your photos even more noticeableand engaging. Here are some tools to utilize for beautifully done visual texts:

  • Chisel – This tool allows you to highlight anything on the page, click the bookmarklet and create the visual quote almost instantly! Other than that, it’s quite basic. It is also neat because it has only few editing options which make it time-saving as well.
  • Quotery – It has a huge section with awesome visual quotes you can use for your handmade business site or Pinterest account.
  • Recite This – It has awesome and unique templates. I’d suggest using it from time to time to add something new to your streams.

Photo Editing Tools

  • Canva – It is a cool online editing tool. It lets you create all kinds of creative and annotated mashups giving you a huge collection of ready-to-edit templates.
  • PicMonkey – This tool is not new and a favorite of most handmade artists. It has some awesome tools you can keep playing with for ages. They allow you to edit images (add exposure, filters, text, etc.) as well as create great-looking collages.
  • Fotor.com – This tool create one awesome visual using a few images. They let you do shape collages, photo stitching, photo montages, etc.
  • Master Clipping –This tool makes paths by hand, not software, to remove the backgrounds of your photos. Its prices range from $0.95 to $9.95 per image, and offers a free trial.

Product photography is vital in the handmade business world, and we want you to do it right. It can be difficult, but good photos are important to generate more sales. That’s why we’ve provided you with tools and resources to practice getting good.

Don’t get contented with a mediocre website with badly-lit photos. Get great at product photography today as there are endless free online tutorials of craft photography.

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