Why You Need A Business Card (And How to Make One)

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Many small business owners look at business cards as just another “have to,” especially in the craft industry. When you’re a small local company, it’s easy to rely on word of mouth, friends and family, or social media to spread the word about you.

Why You Need A Business Card And How to Make OneBut according to print shop Company Folders, crafters who don’t have business cards are missing out on some great networking opportunities. After all, the best way to grow your small business into a big business is by networking like the CEO of a big business—which means having business cards handy at events, craft fairs, trade shows, and other places you go.

What’s more, a business card is a great way to show off your crafting skills. Your card can be cut into the same shape as your product or made of the same material—or both, if you want to create a tiny replica. Even if you use a traditional paper card, you can include imagery to showcase your products or storefront.

Here are some other super cool ways to customize your business card:

business card design tips

Are you now ready to create your own business card? If yes, let us know what they look like in the comments.

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