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Do you want to take advantage of the holiday to get more sales? How can you make Christmas the best sales day of the year?

Best Things To Do Before The Holidays For SellersThe answer: create holiday sales promotions. Learn whom to acknowledge, how to do it correctly, and what to give them as a present.

But first, let’s hear it from other sellers:

Megu from MegusAttic

I start preparing for Xmas in as early as July. During the slow months, I list as many new items as I can and work on SEO, etc. I also prepare packing materials (put together Priority boxes, putting coupon stickers on business cards, cutting ribbons, etc.). Make finished jewelry that is ready to go. Way too many things to do, no time for myself. Agh!

Gretchen from REupped

Focusing on creating a lot of product for in person sales at a large local festival in November to hopefully build interest in my shop.

Jane from OpenVintagePreserve

I’m getting a stock of shipping supplies, because I discovered a few years ago that waiting till later to order them can mean they are out of stock! I’d rather have too much than not enough.

Lisa Desrosiers from rarefinds4u

Listing, listing, listing! When it gets busy I have days that I just don’t have time to put up new stock so I want my shop as stocked as it can be – hoping to reach 2,000 items within the week. I’m listing the last of my holiday items this week. I have already stocked on shipping supplies.

April from ThePebblePathway

I have my first October craft fair in about 5 years … so busy making stock for that! I forgot how good of a motivator that is to get busy!

Mary from Hexu

I’m gonna buy some pretty fresh cut flowers that look a bit Christmasy, and take photos for a Christmas inspired banner. Also I’m gonna re-photograph some items to give a subtle Christmas feeling.

I’m also thinking about activating gift wrap but I’m not sure yet since I have these beautiful black jewelry gift boxes but not all my jewelry will fit in one. :p

Oh and look over tags… maybe…

Watch this video from Olivia Hayward to learn more tips on selling during holidays:

These easy Christmas marketing tips should help you escalate your sales this festive season.So what are you doing to maximize the holiday rush? Share your plans below.

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