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Have you heard of the new feature added by Facebook called Facebook Watch? If not, check this out as it might help your handmade business reach the right audience.

Facebook Watch For Business MarketingPeople can go Facebook Watch and watch awesome content, kind of like what you find on YouTube but it’s just on Facebook.

If you’re wondering, in order to have your video shown on Facebook Watch requires an application process in which you have to apply to Facebook, get permission, and they’ll either select you or they won’t.

But it’s a great way to get out there considering its millions of users.

Facebook is now trying to go after YouTube. YouTube has evergreen video content like television shows. They want the same thing on Facebook.

YouTube is one of the most successful social networking sites and Facebook wants to incorporate new features into their platform that can benefit their users.

So what I would do if I were you guys is if you’re trying to get the most amount of views on your videos? Don’t just submit it to YouTube. Submit it to LinkedIn because they lack video content and they are pushing it hard. Same with Facebook, go after Facebook Watch.

Try to get your videos in there too. You’ll get a lot more views. In addition to that, promote your videos to your email list, promote them to your other social profiles.

If you want to leverage Facebook Watch, there’s not much you need to know. As long as they’re new, they cater to submissions with good content.

When it comes to promotion, catchy headlines are good. Make sure you’re clear with your text and the way you speak because they will start looking at audio files and using the words as keywords to eventually figure out, when people are doing searches, what videos should be there.

Make sure you always add long descriptions or transcripts and all these options will change as YouTube or Facebook Watch gets more and more popular and as they develop it more, but it’s the basics, keywords, clear tags, mention the keywords within your video.

Consider translating your videos into multiple languages and creating subtitles.

It’s not competitive in other regions, but the majority of the population in the world doesn’t speak English, so make sure you translate and caption for other languages.

Check this video by Neil Patel to learn more about Facebook Watch:

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