When To Apologize To Your Customer (And When To Keep Your Mouth Shut)

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Should you apologize when your business makes a mistake? Should you always apologize when your customer is upset? Is it okay to not apologize?

When To Apologize To Your Customer And When To Keep Your Mouth ShutIf you are an online seller, you know that a bad review from your unsatisfied customers can easily turn of future customers.

Businesses make mistakes all the time, you’ve made mistakes in the past as well, and do you believe that companies should always apologize or should they be unapologetic for things that they do, I mean, how do you feel about that dynamic?

As a business, you’re going to make mistakes. It’s inevitable, and it’s just a question of time. Some of these mistakes are going to go about where people know about them, some of them, no one’s going to know about them.

In general, if it’s polarizing and there’s no real right or wrong, and it’s, everyone’s going to have their own opinions, keep your mouth shut, let it die down. If there’s something that you did wrong, APOLOGIZE.

Exceptional customer service is always important but here’s the thing, if you’re getting a lot of flack for it, and it’s a subject where it’s like really opinionated, but there’s no real right or wrong or some people feel it’s right, some people think it’s wrong, the best thing to do is just keep your mouth shut and not discuss it. Because creating more press about it creates more controversy and it brings more attention.

If your customer is upset over shipping or anything that is beyond your control, or the dress she ordered didn’t fit her despite providing the size and dimensions in your listing and she started posting your business on social media about her experience, you’re better off to keep your mouth shut and not discuss anything because it’ll eventually die down.

Sometimes, apologizing gives the impression to people that you have really done wrong. That is why a clear store policy is always important when you have a business so you can show it to your customer when things like these happen.

Watch this video by Neil Patel to see when to apologize and when to shut your mouth:

How about you? Do you have heated experiences with sellers or buyers? Did you apologize? Did you just shut your mouth? Was the outcome good? Was it resolved? When is it appropriate to say sorry and not say a word at all? Please let us know in the comments.

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