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Do you want to try podcasting?

How To Start Podcasting For FreeAccording to one article on the Salesforce Blog about podcasts, 16% of people who listen to podcasts make over $150,000 a year.

That’s a ton of money!

In addition, most people spend five hours per week just listening to podcasts. This holds true especially if you are in the handmade business industry where people love to listen to podcasts while crafting.

Today I’m going to share how you can start a podcast.

1. Find A Topic You Love

The first step, pick a topic. You should pick one that you’re passionate about and it should be related to your business or whatever you’re trying to get into.

Pick a topic that you’re passionate about and one that you’re going to do for the long haul. If you don’t see yourself doing this podcast three, four years from now, pick a different topic.

It has to be something that you genuinely love.

2. Use Libsyn

Sign up for Libsyn. Libsyn is a service that hosts your podcast.

You don’t have to worry if you are not into technical stuff because Libsyn will do all the work for you. The best thing about Libsyn is, they show you how many listens your podcast is getting on a monthly basis.

They’ll tell you which episodes are popular, which ones aren’t great.

Now that you have Libsyn set up, you want to submit it to iTunes, because everyone has an iPhone these days. When your podcast is in the iTunes marketplace, you’re going to get more listeners.

3. Start Recording

Next, you need to start recording. Some people say you should buy the most fantastic microphone and recording equipment out there. I’m going to tell you don’t worry about recording software, don’t worry about the fantastic microphone.

You can start a podcast by just using earbuds, QuickTime software on your MacBook, click record, and you’re ready to go.

You don’t have to invest too much effort on editing and introductions. Just be yourself! Wait till you have some traction before you start spending money on improving your podcast.

4. Start Promoting

Once your podcast is out there put it out there, it’s time to promote it. The way you promote it is straightforward.

Interview other guests. Ask people you admire or follow if they’ll be on your podcast. You may think that you have no followers, no subscribers, no visitors, and no one’s going to be a guest on your podcast.

You’re wrong. People will. Ask the people you interview to share your podcast when it comes out, with an email list, Twitter followers, Facebook or anywhere they can possibly share.

You’ll start getting more views. Now you need to create a recording schedule. Record your podcasts in advance.

At the end of each podcast, ask people to rate, review, and share your podcast and if they do, you’ll give ’em a free bonus.

The bonus could be an ebook, a white paper, some free software or giveaways.

If you follow all of these tips, you’re going to start getting some listens, and you’re going to get access to an audience that makes over $150,000 a year.

Now here’s a caveat. Don’t expect your podcast to be favorite right away. Don’t expect to get results in the first month. You have to do it for six months to a year. And if your podcast isn’t providing value people will stop listening.

So make sure your topics are good, and your podcasts provide the listeners with value.

Check this video by Neil Patel if you want to learn more about starting a podcast:

I hope you enjoy this article. If you have tips or questions, please let us know in the comments.

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