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Do you want to learn more about craft photography for free?

8-Free-Product-Photography-EbooksBelieve it or not, you don’t have to own super expensive cameras or be some kind of camera wiz to take high quality camera shots of your product but all those pro photographers out there don’t have enough time to sit down and share their secrets with you – but there are free ebooks made available for you.

This big list of digital freebies for handmade sellers is a collection of ebook, photoshop actions, and the like, for you to download and learn from/play with today.

  1. An Idiot’s Guide To Photoshop: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. – This guide will help you get started with Photoshop.
  2. Android Photography eBook Free on Google Play – This Android Photography eBook guides readers through the various aspects of mobile photography, including the angle at which the phone is to be held as well as the grip. The eBook will also suggest a few good third party apps that you can download to make images look better.
  3. Lighting 101 by David Hobby – This PDF is basically the Strobist 101 course. If you want to learn off-camera lighting techniques on the cheap then this is the guide to start with.
  4. Meylah’s New eBook: Perfecting Your Product Photography – This book is a compilation of basic tips for taking better product photos. Whether you are doing stock photography or just want professional looking photos to sell your products on eBay or your own site, this book will help you make better photos.
  5. Selling Fine Art Photography – Get tips from photographers and industry pros to help grow your fine art sales and increase awareness about your work. We’ve teamed up with The Center for Fine Art Photography and assembled inspiring interviews with photographers, gallery directors, and online curators – all with helpful do’s and don’ts to consider when trying to increase your sales.
  6. The Camera Buying Guide – If you are looking to get a new camera there’s a lot of stuff to learn about first. This guide will get you up to speed, super fast, so you can feel confident when you make that exciting new purchase.
  7. The Photographer’s Guide to Copyright – Navigating copyright can be a daunting task. The guide will help you, the photographer; take the necessary steps to protect your work.
  8. The Photographer’s Social Media Handbook – This book coaches you on social media best practices to enhance your marketing efforts and get you noticed by potential clients. Part I and Part II cover key tactics and strategies to take advantage of Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter so you can expand your professional network and build your brand better than ever before.

We also have many articles here on our blog that will help in taking your craft photography skills to the next level (for FREE):

I’m always looking for additional free photography resources so if you know of additional free craft photography e-books please let us know through the comment box below.

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