5 Pinterest Apps Every Etsy Seller Should Use

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If you are a creative artist, Pinterest is a must have social media for your marketing efforts. If you already have your Pinterest account, you might as well brush up on your pinning skills, too.

5-Pinterest-Apps-Every-Etsy-Seller-Should-UseThere are a lot of apps available for you but choosing the best and smartest apps can be slightly tricky and time consuming…

But here are some of the best applications, websites, and browser extensions to help both beginners and pros get the most out of the web’s hottest photo-sharing site must-have for handmade business owners:

1. Pinterest Email App

Pinterest Email App by WiseStamp places a “Follow Me On Pinterest” button at the bottom of emails as part of the sender’s signature, which enables every email to become an encouragement for others to become followers on Pinterest.

2. Pin Reach

PinReach is a pretty cool analytics site that gives you an enhanced view of activity on your Pinterest profile and boards. You simply connect with Facebook/Twitter, enter your username and email and you’ll be presented with a simple dashboard of your latest stats. It will show you a history of your repins, most popular pins and advanced analytics on your followers.

3. Pinstamatic

Aside from creating quotes, Pinstamatic creates other things such as tweets, maps and others. This allows you to choose from 12 different backgrounds and fonts. Once you have chosen the font and background, simply add your quote and then pin it.

4. PicMonkey

Picmonkey not only helps you in editing quotes, but it can also help you in editing photos as it is a photo-editing app. To use it, you simply need to upload your background image, add the text and then edit it. This has a lot of editing tools, so you can edit as much as you want.
TIP: When you save your image in PicMonkey, it’s best to select “Pierce” or “Sean” under the Quality option — this will ensure your image is good quality when you Pin it.

5. SpinPicks

SpinPicks is a website that lets users browse the web for interesting, Pinterest-worthy images and pin them directly to whichever Pinboard they please. Images are pulled from Flicker’s Creative Commons database, Instagram, Twitpic, Reddit/R, YouTube, and PicPlz. SpinPicks also adds the ability to pin images directly to your Pinterest boards.

The site is still in beta, but if you submit and confirm your email address, you can access it to try it out. All you have to do is choose a specific website like TwitPic or Insta-Popular under the “Category” option and “Spin” to find a randomly selected image from that site.

Using these apps can surely make your Pinterest experience fun. Make sure you try them if you aren’t already. Also, to make your Pin share-worthy, learn from the 10 Pinterest users we love .

Did we miss your favorite Pinterest app? Please let us know through the comment box below. Happy Pinning!

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