8 Things We Learned From Renae Christine’s Webinar About Pinterest And More!

Craft Maker Pro » 8 Things We Learned From Renae Christine’s Webinar About Pinterest And More!

Over the last few days after Renae Christine’s webinar about 6 Proven Engagement Strategies for Pinterest, we received an overwhelming positive feedback about it. If you’re a handmade seller, having pinnable images is really important and a few small changes can make a real difference in the traffic to your site!

8 Things We’ve Learned From Renae Christine’s Webinar About Pinterest And More!We can’t just transcribe what Renae Christine said on her webinar but to sum it all, we realized how important it is to have an easy-to-pin images. So how can you do that?

Here are things you need to do:

1. Size Matters

Make your images the correct size for Pinterest . Apparently the ideal is 735px by 1102px. This is a bit too big for most blogs layout so you can alternately do it in 683px by 1024px. Always change your images to the size you actually need or you’ll be using up the bandwidth on your blog and it will be slow to upload. No good!

Always put your big pinnable image first in your blog post, you want it to be the thing that people see and that draws them into your post.

2. Say Hello To Canva

I’ve been using Picmonkey for a couple of months but recently I’ve been cheating on it with Canva and I’m a total convert. Canva’s homepage gives you the option of what image size you want depending on the job you want it to do (Pinterest, Facebook cover, Twitter header) or you can use your own sizes.

If for some reason you are not blessed with amazing graphic design skills (oh, hello, that’s totally me) they’ve even got some ace templates that you can use when you are feeling a bit low on inspiration or want to perk up something you’ve previously done. I find this particularly helpful for posts I do which are commentary which are a nightmare to make pinnable!

3. Find An Inspiration

There are many blogs that will inspire your imagination. Look out for bloggers that you love but who are realistic people to inspire you. I love Wolves in London for simple but effective craft and garden mood board images and In The Playroom for kids crafts.

4. Using The Right Keywords

Pinterest works like a search engine and will pick out any key words you have in your image, so before you upload your super fancy image of handmade soaps to your blog, don’t call it ‘image1′, call it ‘easy organic vanilla soap tutorial’ and when someone pins your image it will get found much more easily!

5. Overhaul Your Images

You might have some poor images that get a lot of pins on it so you might get nervous about changing it. But come to think of it, if a bad image can get lots of pins, what could a good image get?

6. Photography Timing

You might want to just photograph everything and blog it straight away but bad lighting can kill a good post. For indoors pictures you might want to go when the sun is up to get natural lighting or you might want to make your own DIY lightbox on a budget.

7. Right Time To Pin

Resist the urge to pin the post you love straight away and think about when people will see it. After 7 or 8pm is normally best and as late as you can if you want people in the US to see it!

8. Find Some Good Boards

Some Pinterest group boards that we love have a lot of followers you want to tap into if you want your stuff pinned! Renae Christine invited us to follow her board too. My current favourite is Share Your Crafts which can normally get you around 40 repins over time.

If you missed the webinar then I recommend that you check out Renae at her Pinterest Academy here for more Pinterest Tips and watch the quick tips video below for some smart ideas.


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