6 Fun Ways to Preserve Your Family’s Memories

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Most of us preserve our family memories in photo albums, but there are plenty of other crafty ways to treasure these moments and heirlooms.

6 Crafty Ways to Preserve Your Familys Most Precious MemoriesHere are six fun ways to preserve your most precious family memories.

1. Photo Ornaments

Photo ornaments are a great way to preserve family memories that you can relive every year around the holidays. And with a little Mod Podge, you can transfer your photos onto just about anything.

We love the handmade round wooden ornaments idea, and it’s so easy to do. Wood ornament discs can be purchased at most craft stores.

You can do this with color or black and white photos, but black and white really looks great on the tree.

All you need are a few tools to get started:

  1. Mod Podge
  2. Wood discs
  3. 4×6 photos
  4. Twine
  5. Foam brush
  6. Hole punch

To create your ornaments, simply cut your photos into circles to fit the wood discs. Punch a hole in the photo to line up with the hole in the ornament.

Working quickly, apply a layer of Mod Podge to the top of the ornament and then a layer to the back of your photo. Place the photo on top of the ornament (make sure it’s centered).

Apply one last layer of Mod Podge to seal everything.

Thread some twine through the hole, and tie the ends into a tight knot. Hang on the tree, and enjoy!

2. Family Heirloom Display Case

If you have cherished family heirlooms, you can preserve and display them in a display case or shadow box. If you happen to have photos of the family member the item belonged to, add them to the display to help tell the story.

You can create these display cases using heirlooms from family members who have passed on, or you can do this with items from the kids.

From pocket watches to old glasses, recipes and medals, you can display just about any personal artifact or heirloom.

Shadow boxes and display cases can be purchased from a local craft store.

3. Family T-Shirts

One fun way to preserve family memories is to create family t-shirts every year. Whether it’s for birthdays, holidays, family reunions or vacations, t-shirts are a great way to celebrate your family.

There are a few ways to make photo t-shirts:

  1. Iron-on transfers
  2. A heat press machine

I’ve found that t-shirts made with a heat press usually last longer and can be washed without the design falling apart. Iron-on transfers can work great, too, but you’ll need to take care when you wash your shirts (i.e. hand wash).

Regardless of which method you choose, you’ll need to print your photo onto transfer paper. Make sure that the photo is mirrored before you print, or else it will transfer backwards.

Feel free to add first names or your family name to the design.

All that’s left to do is just iron on the design to the shirt, wear and enjoy.

4. Family Yearbooks

Family yearbooks are a great way to celebrate each year and the memories you create. And they’re easy to make using a photo book service. Most photo book printing services allow you to create your own layouts and choose your own cover, so you can really personalize your yearbook.

Photos can be arranged in any way you like – random or chronological. You can also mimic a real yearbook by posting photos of family members just like in your high school yearbook.

Activities and vacations can be posted on separate pages with fun titles.

Yearbooks are a great way to preserve your family’s memories as they’re made, and with hardcover books, they’ll stick around for a long time.

5. Quote Memory Book

Kids say the darndest things. Why not write them down? Quote memory books are so much fun to make. Every time your child says something cute, funny or memorable, jot it down with the child’s name, date and time.

In the future, you can look back on all those adorable things your little ones said. And your kids will love reliving those memories, too.

You can create your own quote book using a simple notebook, or you can purchase a premade book, like My

Quotable Kid from a local book or craft store.

6. Photo Watches

If you’re not a locket-wearing kind of person, a photo watch may be a great way to preserve and enjoy your tiny family photos.

Simply remove the watch face and hands, add your family photo, and replace the glass.

The watch acts as a mini wearable photo frame that you can store in a jewelry box for safe keeping or wear on your wrist to be reminded of your loved one at all times.

These six crafts are great ways to preserve your family’s memories for decades to come. They make great gifts, too, and if you’re crafty enough, you may even be able to price and sell your crafts as personalized gifts.

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