How to Use the Spring and Summer to Your Business’s Advantage

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Great weather can mean an increase in business if you successfully take advantage of the spring and summer seasons.

How to Use the Spring and Summer to Your Business’s AdvantageWhile endorsing, let the changes in the weather provide a natural hook to promote your product or service. Summer holidays, higher temperatures, and longer nights are great opportunities for you to capitalize on.

Seasonal Releases, Specials, and Giveaways

Many large companies offer special releases in the spring and summer, which customers look forward to all year long. For example, breweries have famous summer brews only available for a few months, such as a shandy or a fruit-infused beer. If your company makes food of any kind, creating a dish with a summer fruit is a great way to craft a special release.

Consider adding your logo to items and offering them for free throughout spring and summer. Aim for items that are useful during these months, such as sunglasses, a beach towel, or a hand-held fan. “People always appreciate swag that is practical,” says Huffington Post. Try to tie it into your business if possible. For example, if you offer a service for people, such as walking their dog, create an item they can use and put your logo on it, such as a frisbee for their dog.

Weather and Holidays

Warmer weather means more people on the sidewalks as they flock outdoors to enjoy the warmer temperatures and longer nights. Take advantage of the increase in foot traffic by using sidewalk signage. Studies show that businesses that strategically place sidewalk signage outside their premises increase their sales and profitability. It’s an easy and affordable way to market your business.

You can use social media in the same manner as you would use sidewalk signage, and even combine the social media post to utilize the weather. If you own a coffee shop, post an enticing picture of your refreshing iced coffee as a way to cool down. If you offer dog walking services, share a photo of yourself out dog walking on a particularly hot day to show customers they can stay indoors and enjoy the air conditioning while you walk their dogs.

The spring and summer seasons bring great holidays that you can use to promote your business, including Easter, Earth Day, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and the Fourth of July. You can run a promotion during these holidays, such as a special deal for moms on Mother’s Day if you own a spa. The Fourth of July is a great day to run a special deal, no matter what type of business you’re in.

Community Events

From summer concerts to fairs to festivals, many towns and communities see a sharp increase in outdoor events when the warmer weather hits. Look for ways you can participate in these events. Generally, these events allow local businesses to have a pop-up tent to sell their products or promote their services.

If you are struggling to find a way to get involved in your community’s events, or if your community is lacking in the event department, consider creating your own event. Spring and summer offer the perfect opportunity for a yoga studio to host outdoor yoga sessions. Meet in the park or on the beach, and people will find it hard to turn down a relaxing morning in the sun. Hosting a class that teaches someone a skill is another great way to promote your business and draw a crowd of new and returning customers. Restaurants and bars can host classes on how to make a popular summer dish or cocktail.

The spring and summer seasons uplift people’s moods. Everyone is enjoying the warm weather and the increase in outdoor activities. Be sure you capitalize on all that the spring and summer months have to offer to help you promote your business.

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