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Do you realize that you’re a walking ‘repurposer’? Oh, yes, that’s the purpose of most craft shops; to repurpose.

17 Unusual Tools For CraftingHandmade artists are not only known to be creative but they are also very resourceful. Of course you have your favorites: the tools that allow you to make almost anything your little heart desires. Wood working projects, school projects, up cycled clothing, etc. These are the best investments you have made to fuel your creativity.

But here are other unusual tools that are not commonly used by most handmade artists that might help you save some money:

  1. Pin. A pin can be used as a paint brush. You can use it to do your doll faces.
  2. Hemostats, hand drill, brass tube and rod, bamboo skewers can also be used for making dolls.
  3. Hemostats come in handy for pulling wads of thread out of the sewing machine too. You can use them to pull neck and chest tabs right side out and to straighten corners. You can also use them with hand sewing much like a doc uses them in suturing.
  4. Mouse pad. Mouse pad as a beading mat, so things don’t roll around everywhere.
  5. Chopstick. You can use it to help with turning the corners right side out.
  6. Spring clamps. Use your husband’s spring clamps to hold jute for your rag tie garlands.
  7. Metal knitting needles as mandrels for wire circles.
  8. Wood lathe to a belt sander. You can add a bracket to make it into a grinder for metal work.
  9. Makeup sponges. You can use old makeup sponges to blend colors.
  10. Plastic comb. You can use the plastic comb-like thing that goes on the bottle of hair dye for those that want streaks of different colors in paint to make ridges.
  11. Electrical clips. You can use little electrical clips from Radio Shack to make your ribbon flowers and cocardes.
  12. Soap. You can use soap to mark fabric.
  13. Hair clips to hold binding in place.
  14. Korean Hand Plow for gardening. It’s great for weeding, planting, any garden chore. Once you use it you will never pick up another trowel!
  15. Binder clip to hold layers of felt in place while you sew.
  16. Baby wipes. Great for spills, wiping paint off, staining, and cleaning your hands.
  17. Metal kebab skewer. It comes in very handy in getting jute through holes.

So how about you? What tools do you love to use that aren’t traditional craft tools? Does a specialty tool exist that you can purchase to do the same thing exist or has no one else caught on to your great idea yet? Please let us know in the comments.

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