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Business cards… videos… photo editing… and many more! — A lot of these tasks can be easily accomplished with little work, and all you need is five dollars.

fiverr-servicesFiverr – a website that offers services to people for only five bucks a pop (with the occasional paid extras), referred to as ‘gigs’ beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed, from which it gets its name. You know, a “fiver”, and as you may be able to guess, a site like this is going to offer a lot of useful services for your handmade business.

If you’re stuck with anything to do with your creative business then take a look at some of these options where you can get your self out of a jam, for 5 bucks!

Logo Design – If you want to develop the brand of your business you need to get a good business logo.

If you are just launching a new website or blog to try a new tactic or experiment in a new niche then getting logos done on the cheap is really helpful.

#TIP – A word of warning with this and any graphical production on Fiverr: a lot of them are a bit iffy when it comes to copyright. Make sure you look around for someone who isn’t just going to give you a logo that belongs to someone else.

Graphic and PhotoEditing – Get photos retouched for very little cost. At Fiverr, you can find gigs great for your etsy banners, business cards and even photo editing. Due to the many creative people on Fiverr, you can even outsource the visual side of your handmade business. Pretty sweet huh?

There are quite a few designers to choose from, so pick a style you’ll like! Make sure to always check to see if the work is copyright free and not stolen from someone else. An easy quick way to do this is by using Google’s reverse image search.

Video & Animation – You can find someone to do some videos or animations for your website. You can also find highly skilled people to do animation. You could order a video for an introduction of your brand, product promotion, or even video tutorials.

Video introductions that can later be posted on YouTube, Facebook, WordPress and other social networks will be ideal for you. Marketing is key, and videos are a gateway to attracting more people to visit a blog.

There’s an abundance of contractors on Fiverr, and you can use this to your advantage. Opposed to listing services on the social network, you have the ability to purchase services to better assist your marketing needs.

Other Services You Might Like On Fiverr:
Wholesalers – Get tips on good sites that you could get deals from:
Models – Get someone who can model your products for just $5.
Data Entry – Got a lot of repetitive tasks needed to get done? You can probably outsource it for $5+.
Creative Writing – There are quite a few content creators on Fiverr. You can also find plenty of professionals who will proofread your content. You can have your grammar and spelling checked for only $5. That’s quite a steal!

Obviously I’ve put an emphasis on services that will grow your handmade business but there are actually a lot of them and all you need is to go to Fiverr and check it yourself.

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