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We all know that online selling is one of the best ways to get started in the handmade business world.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Start A BrandToday, I saw a sale post on Facebook about a local store selling handmade lipsticks that is stated as “inspired” by the lip tints of Peripera (A Korean brand).

Is there something wrong with DIY “inspired” products? Definitely, none, but to copy the color range, packaging and claim that the DIY lipstick formula is better than the original one, is NOT OK!

There’s a thin line between “inspired” and “imitation” products. Perhaps an unpopular opinion but businesses like the latter is not the right way to go about it.


  1. It’s lazy! Instead of building their own brand, this store chooses to capitalize on the success of Peripera’s.
  2. They’re not much different from fake products.
  3. It contradicts itself.
  4. It devalues the brands that it’s purportedly “inspired’ by, and in one photo even claims that their product is better than the original. If that’s the case, why not just focus on building their own brand?
  5. Related to the last point, it won’t be sustainable since it’s just living on another brand’s hype. Once that dies (and they always do) their model will fail and instead of having customers who are loyal to a brand and product that they’ve built, they’ll have to keep copying the next big thing and hope that the hype will be enough to carry them.

I’m not going to discuss issues about formulation and sanitation since those details aren’t available but I hope this serves as reference for what NOT to do when setting up a business.

So how does it relates to the handmade business community?

DIY “inspired” products are okay but don’t forget to respect your fellow handmade artist and make sure that you are not imitating their creations. You are a handmade artist. It is given that you have the gift of creativity. Use it and don’t forget to build your brand!

Stop doing what everyone else is doing and be creative about how your brand engages with consumers.

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