5 Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Have you gotten that special someone a treat? How about the family?


Need a few ideas and inspiration to get started planning? Everything from DIY crafts to printables to recipes!


Fun edible crafts are great gift ideas during Valentine’s Day; not only are they fun to make but everyone likes a tasty treat on Valentines.

Sprinkled marshmallow pops, chocolate strawberry bugs, funfetti cookie pizza, candy kebobs and marshmallow heart bracelet treats by She Knows are sure to get you in the good books?.


Valentine’s Day would’nt be the same without a card. Giving cards never gets old. It might sound very traditional but the thought of it really counts. Check out this video for a few ideas to make your own valentine day cards.



Another gift idea that really caught my attention is these Valentine’s cup cozy by Setting For Four and DIY sharpie mugs by Living Your Creative. These are a perfect reminder that no one should be left in the cold on Valentines day.

For Kids

Valentine’s Day is for kids too! Keep them busy with these kids’ arts and crafts for Valentine’s Day by Mickell that will unleash their creative side.


There are endless gift ideas this Valentine’s Day. Check this Pinterest board by Diamond Kandace for more awesome gift ideas!

Now how about all that to get you inspired for Valentine’s Day? Everything but the kitchen sink!

Check out our A to Z Handmade Business Guide to see if it’s time for you to turn that hobby into money.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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