Xtra Time For You– How To Instantly Price Your Craft Work

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So how many hours do you spend on your shop per day? Be it making or shipping or administration or sourcing materials?


It always seems like there’s so much to do! You may be still in school and have a handmade business part time job or you have it in full time. It seems like to really get going it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and consistency.

From my years of working with artisans like you I know that putting a price on your time and work is one of the most intimidating first steps to selling, and delays many from opening their shop.

Your time is worth more than what you think. Time is gold! So, track it and put the right price on it.


I hope this video will help you figure out how to value your time and work and bring your prices to a level that treats you fairly and rewards your creativity and efforts. Pricing your products fairly tells consumers that you have a quality product to offer, so start spreading the news.

To learn more about managing your handmade business, please check our free A to Z Handmade Business Guide.

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