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Does your online store still up and running? If yes, that is great news, congratulations!

3 Starting Points To Pimp Your Online StoreBut should you stop there?

Managing an online store is a nice move if you want to show your handmade products to people, but in order to sell more, there are important things you need to do for your website to encourage your site visitors to make a purchase.

That may be difficult for you as you are dealing with day-to-day hustle of making your products, taking orders, etc., you end up cutting corners. Compounded over months (or years), things like outdated information, pages not updated with the recent Google algorithm, missing SEO meta data and old (still active) discount codes becomes serious problems causing lost traffic, revenue and sales opportunities.

So here are simple ways to get started with pimping your online store:

1. Upsell

Create something that is related to your main product. If you are selling handmade note books, upsell with small products that is easy to add onto your cart such as handmade pens and bookmarks. Something small and can fit into the parcel that you are already using.

2. Free E-books

People love free stuff so give them an e-book in exchange for an email subscription to your newsletter. It’s a win-win situation! This will help you do email campaigns to get them to purchase other things on your online store.

3. Newsletters

Best times to send emails are Tuesdays to Thursdays during the afternoon and the standard to send out is just twice a week.

Make sure that mentions the name of the customer so that it is much more personalized.

You are great at making product listings and descriptions so I would say stick to making the title in your tone of voice, short and make them curious about what you are talking about. Adding emojis in your email topic also helps a lot.

You can also personalize your “confirmed order” and “shipping detail” email.

If you want to learn more about updating your online store, check this informative video by Ask Jane:

I hope the tips above helped you and your business. If you have more tips and questions, please let us know in the comments.

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