As a new seller, you’re not the only one asking: how do I get people to view my items and then purchase them? There’s no secret fast passageway to success, but there are fundamental factors to help you with that.

How To Make Your Etsy Store More Visible OnlineHere are a bunch of pointers to help your Etsy store become more visible:


A tag is a word or short phrase that describes your item. Etsy matches tags with shoppers’ searches to find relevant search results. So find a way to know how Etsy tags work. You can do research on Etsy right in Etsy’s search bar – just start typing and popular suggestions appear.
Titles and tags are important to Etsy Search (redundancy = relevancy i.e. tag phrases should be repeated in titles); Description & Titles for SEO (repetition = relevancy, but not duplication; i.e. titles, each should be unique). Title, tag and description (upper/lower) case & punctuation has no importance to Etsy Search & Search Engines like Google & Bing (SEO).

When building your tags, the order of your tags is not important however the order of the keywords in each tag is critical. Also the keywords used in the Title must have a one-to-one exact match with the tags targeting keywords.


You need to choose descriptive keywords for your titles and very important in placing the strongest words first with Etsy relevancy as “Words that appear at the beginning of your title are given more weight” & “Exact word pairs are given more weight”. Another reason to front-load your keywords is that Etsy only displays up to 30-40 characters of a title in search results.


Item descriptions are truncated on Etsy’s mobile apps after nine lines; aim to keep vital details above the fold.”. As Etsy claims that 40%+ views are coming from mobile devices, your target audience could be missing key information that may be visible “below the 9-line fold”.

** Please note that on Etsy, it can take up to an hour for the Listing page (Etsy page cache) to refresh and up to 24 hours for the Listing changes to be fully indexed.

To know more about making your Etsy store become more visible, please check this video below:

So what has worked for you in the past? What are your thoughts? Do you have any secret Etsy weapons? How do you market your Etsy shop?

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