6 Fresh Jewelry Photography Ideas On Instagram

Craft Maker Pro » 6 Fresh Jewelry Photography Ideas On Instagram

Are you looking for fresh inspiration for your next product photo shoot? Inspiration is everywhere.

Pinterest is still Queen, but if you’re looking for fresh and amazing ideas that are current, relevant, and easy to locate…well, Instagram is your friend.

I have written articles before about photography that are cool, fresh and unusual. And now, I’ve gathered a fresh collection of photography ideas once more to help you refresh your ideas.

By simply searching #jewelry, #jewelrydisplay, #jewelrylover, #jotd on Instagram, you can see amazing jewelry display ideas that are happening all over the world. Just think about how incredible that is for a moment.

Shall we see what I’ve found that can be an inspiration for your next photo shoot?

#1 Flower Power


Nothing beats a beautiful props as these lovely flowers

#2 Money Money


This is not about bragging but about being resourceful 😉

#3 Fruity Display


Level up the game by using a fresh fruit to showcase the vibrancy of your materials

#4 Sweet Treat


Because cake and champagne is too mainstream in wedding proposals, French macaroons are a great alternative!

#5 Flower Power Again


Flowers are great accessories so use its other parts to emphasize the beauty of your jewelry

#6 Fruity Display Again


If you are against the idea of moisture and fruity acids in contact of your jewelry, use them unpeeled around your subjects instead

Now, you also know which Instagram profiles to follow to get the latest inspirations in craft show displays. You might also be interested to follow us in Instagram: @craftmakerpro.

That’s it for now. If you have cool jewelry photography examples please let us know in the comment below and you might be featured on our next article!

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