Introducing Google My Business – Google’s New Product For Small Businesses

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Your customers are one of the main reasons why your business is successful, and their shared passion for your craft is what makes running a business so rewarding. For handmade business owners, customers are more than just patrons – they’re your regulars, your advocates and your friends. In other words, they are your people.

Introducing Google My Business – Google’s New Product For Small BusinessesGoogle is connecting more businesses with their people every day. However, it is never easy to find loyal customers but it shouldn’t be. Then there came Google My Business – a free and easy way to find and connect with your people, wherever you are.

So, why you should use “Google My Business”?

  1. Google’s other existing features such as Google Places and Google+ Pages will automatically be upgraded to Google My Business.
  2. Google My Business can give your business a chance at competing with the big companies.
  3. It allows you to manage your business’ important information, such as their location or opening hours, all from one place.

Getting Started

Login your Google My Business account. You will be toured around on how to get started and see new updates and instructions on how to interact with the platform.

Next you will see a screen that contains your basic information that appears on Google+, Google Places, and Google Search. You can quickly update any basic information including phone number, address, URL, and categories.

Businesses can interact with their community of fans on Google+, as well as manage reviews and view analytics, all from one dashboard.You can now see all of the following from your dashboard:

  1. Google Analytics: You will be granted a direct access to your Google Analytics dashboard.
  2. Reviews: Your business is given a Google rating and you are able to manage your reviews on Google and see other reviews around the web.
  3. Google+: You can share post, photos, links, videos, and events.
  4. Insights: Once you verify your business you are able to gain insights into your visibility, engagement, and audience.
  5. Start a Hangout: You can start or join a Hangout and chat with up to 10 people in one video call.

Using the Google My Business dashboard, you will now be able to:

  • Monitor engagement with insights for Google+ pages and posts
  • See information on your related Google Analytics account and YouTube channels
  • Create and monitor performance of AdWords Express campaigns
  • Get up-to-date business information on Google
  • Find loyal customers using a Google+ page. Followers of the page for your business can provide their comments and feedbacks with posts and reviews, and use the +1 button to endorse products and services on Google+ , Google Places, or on ads.

There is an advantage for businesses with physical store location. Once you verify your business on Google My Business, you’ll be able to:

  • Help get your business found on Google. Google can use the business information you provide in local search results.
  • Read and respond to reviews from your customers
  • Get analytics and see how customers searched for your business, and where they’re coming from

A mobile app will also make these tools available on both Android and iOS devices.

In announcing this new service, Google emphasized the value of an online presence to every kind of business, not just companies with a natural online consumer base. More importantly for handmade businesses, it has become easier than ever to manage your online reputation and gain exposure.

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