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Are you looking for a place to market your handmade business without breaking the bank? Google Plus is always available for you.

Google-Plus-Marketing-Tips-For-Handmade-BusinessesGoogle Plus has only one-quarter as many global users as Facebook. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Far from it: every handmade business owner should use it. Google Plus has more users than you think. Yes, it pales in comparison to Facebook — but so do most other social sites.

Google is arguably the most important online presence for business. Google is allowing a business to create a “Page” and display it on Google’s social media platform, and it’s important that crafters take part of this marketing opportunity.


  1. Google Hangouts. With Google Hangouts, free call or live video conferencing can take place for as many as 10 people. The great thing about it is you can reach out to customers, dealers, vendors and social media contacts at no cost.
  2. Google+ reviews.These reviews will show up on search results and potential customers might be influenced to choose your business if they come across positive reviews. Therefore, provide great service and proactively solicit reviews on Google+.
  3. Google+ Ripples.This is a great tool to use and worth checking out. It is a data visualization graph that lets you take in at a glance the manner in which your content has been shared. You can easily learn about your more enthusiastic and influential followers.
  4. Google Authorship.This allows you claim the quality content you have written, and also to show up in search results with your picture and your post. Seeing a picture makes your business more reliable and trustworthy. That’s the basic psychology behind Google+ authorship. Google rewards quality and is also a big advocate of crediting an original author. This serves multiple purposes at once and can be the boost in visibility you need. It also allows you to link to the sites that you are a regular contributor on as well as articles you have written for other pages. It is a great way to receive credit for your work.

Those are just the basics features you can use for yourcraft business. To expand on the idea, check this infographic below that lays out the steps you need to take to use Google’s social network for your marketing needs.



Developing a truly effective Google Plus marketing strategy is something that takes time. But as long as you start putting all the information you have learned into action, it won’t be very long until you start seeing great results.

What do you think of Google+? Has it helped your business at all? What are some of the advantages or disadvantages you’ve found to having a Google+ page?

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