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Do you want to get more followers? Give them an ebook!

47-ebook-marketing-tipsWhy? Your readership will grow and spread if you provide valuable content. Sell an ebook or give your customers a free e-book that is related to your market containing tips, do-it-yourself guides, and advice for new artists, etc.

But you can’t just give them any old e-book.

To achieve a successful marketing strategy for your e-book, you need to make sure that its content is valuable.

Here are some few tips to consider:

DIY Craft Instruction

This can be done by creating simple, easy-to-follow instructions for craft projects a person could create at home. Take photographs of your crafting process, and add some great shots of the finished product (check our Photoshop tutorial here on how to do it).

Don’t think that giving away simple craft tutorials takes away from your own work. The people who purchase DIY tutorials were unlikely to ever purchase your work in the first place, and your collectors are also unlikely to want your DIY tutorials.

Your Craft’s History

If you are selling vintage or your products are inspired by a particular movement in the past, your collectors may be very interested in reading more about the history of your inspiration. Don’t forget to add photos and lots of links to more information.

Help Guides

You could create a help guide offering advice and tips to your fellow crafters. There are a lot of help guides on the market. To stand out, choose a specific subject. Instead of writing “Everything you need to know to succeed as a crafter” try “How to sell your handicrafts on Facebook”.

You can also do a survey about the main issues of your customers related to crafts, find a solution to a problem, write an e-book about it and send them out. Check our article about doing an online survey using SurveyMonkey.

Ebook Marketing Tips

Now that you have drafted your ebook content, it’s time to send them out!

E-mail Marketing

As I mentioned in my article,  E-mail Marketing Guide For Crafters, your subscribers gave you permission to their inboxes. Give back by sending them free ebooks or give them a discount to your new ebook. Give them access to special benefits as subscribers. You can also use this to encourage your customers subscribe to your e-mail list. Check our article on how to integrate your Etsy shop to Aweber.

Give And Get

Offering e-books for free for a limited time or a limited audience are also an effective approach to e-book marketing. Give the ebook for free to your beloved loyal customers, send a follow up e-mail on how they find the information of the ebook and add a note at the end to leave feedback on your e-books testimonials’ page or like your business’ page.

Social Media

Another factor in social media marketing is to post smartly, giving them access to a free ebook will encourage your customers to check your social media page more often. Or just like in e-mail marketing, give your followers discounts as they also allowed your posts to appear on their newsfeeds.


If you are new as an author, people are not willing to pay more than $5 for your work but don’t drop your prices very low as people would think that if you didn’t believe in your books enough to set a reasonable price, they probably wouldn’t waste their time reading them. Set a reasonable price and in the process, as you gather positive feedback and referrals, you’ll sell more books than ever before.

No matter what your niche, you can write e-books to help fill it and build a readership and customer base for your expertise and experience.

E-books could be the newest market for your business and a way to showcase your knowledge while building your brand.

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