10-Minute Craft Ideas For The Christmas Season

Craft Maker Pro » 10-Minute Craft Ideas For The Christmas Season

Looking to craft something wonderful for the coming Christmas Season but don’t have that much time?

This year, create your own decorations, holiday gifts, and homemade foodstuff that require only a few on-hand materials and take just about 10 minutes to make.


Get the kids involved, too.

Time is gold. In addition to these 10-minute projects, if you want to work out what your hourly rate needs to be that you are going to charge for your craft work time then check out Craft Maker Pro’s hourly rate calculator.

Craft Maker Pro will allow you to work out your overheads for your business so you know exactly what to charge for your time and with the finished craft work costs calculated for you as well, you can easily make sure that you are charging the correct price for your craft work.

Happy Holidays!

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