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Listing your handmade goods properly on Etsy is very important! Why?

30 Quick Tips For Improving Your Etsy ListingsThis is one big way that shoppers find your store via Etsy, Google, and other search engines. Keeping an eye on your listing might seem daunting even though there are available free apps to help renew your Etsy listing automatically, but once you learn the basics it becomes second nature.

Here are some Etsy tips to improve your Etsy listings:

  1. Check spelling.
  2. Use copy if you have a similar item rather than doing it from scratch.
  3. Try and take photos from several angles.
  4. Brighten photos if you use an inexpensive digital camera.
  5. Find the SuperMacro on your camera and use it for jewelry items.
  6. Brightness/contrast works wonders on photos. Whites should be white, greens should be green. Color accuracy is crucial.
  7. Try to use all five photos, show every angle of the item so shoppers won’t be left wondering about anything.
  8. Make a template of all the information you want to include so you are not trying to remember all you want to include every time you do a listing
  9. Take more than 5 photos so you can choose the best rather than having to go back and reshoot
  10. Standardize your shipping so it’s easy to input.
  11. Be very clear & throughout about what (& when & how) your customer will be receiving.
  12. Ott Light or spectrum lighting can be good and even better than bright sunlight. Can shoot pictures even on a dismal day with a whiteboard and I use a white cloth too.
  13. Take all measurements before you sit down to make listings. Note any special materials you want to include. Or in other words organize your listing item information before putting fingers to keyboard.
  14. Use a simple uncluttered background so the focus is on your product
  15. Be a customer, sit in the search bar and type in what you do naturally during a search, look at the words that come up.
  16. Be reasonable when you are doing your Title, again be a customer, give them good information about the product.
  17. It’s best to always talk in positive sentences, avoid words like not, no, un- etc.
  18. Write a unique title and different keywords for each product.
  19. Make sure your titles and tags match so you’re found in search.
  20. Use ALL 13 tags.
  21. Make sure your title matches the product description.
  22. Make descriptions easy to read – break them up with short paragraphs and bullet points.
  23. Use your more important words or keyword at the beginning of your product title.
  24. Describe every detail of the item including all measurements.
  25. Do not overdo your keywords, avoid repeating keyword more than two or three times in your title.
  26. Continue improving your listings when you have down time, it doesn’t hurt to try new keywords / improving photos / better descriptions and so on.
  27. Capslock in descriptions is for many people a turn off.
  28. Keep your title length between 55 – 60 characters, including spaces.
  29. Add links in your descriptions to other products, sections, or search results from your shop. Use Bitly to shorten your urls.
  30. Don’t do listings when you are tired, hungry or just had a fight with someone.

Don’t get discouraged! If you continue to improve your shop and your listings the customers will come 🙂

These tips were compiled from the feedback of these Etsy Sellers:

  1. JDCreativeHands from JDCreativeHands
  2. csevenm from csevenm
  3. Ashley from DefiantJewelry
  4. Lake from lake1221
  5. Marjolein Turin from SomniaRomantica

Do you have one or more quick ideas for improving your titles, tags, photos, and/or descriptions? Let’s help out our fellow handmade sellers by sharing your ideas in the comment box below.

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