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Do you make your own products? Do you want to share tips to your fellow handmade enthusiasts? Why not do it in YouTube?

YouTube SEO Tips You Need To See Right NowAll we know that YouTube is second biggest search engine on the planet after Google. According to Google (as of February 2017), users watch an average of one billion hours of video content a day!

And if you don’t know yet, Vloggers or YouTube bloggers are earning big from their high-quality video content.

If you use YouTube as a platform, you will increase your business’ exposure and at the same time earn from ‘views’.

It’s like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone!

However, it’s not easy to get your videos to people. Just like in Google, you need to perform search engine optimization to make your audience easily find you.

Considering the deluge of content you have to compete with on YouTube, the obvious question is: “How do you get people to watch YOUR video instead of the millions of others?”

How can you do it? Check these tips from Blogrex:

youtube seo

I hope that helps. If you know of any other SEO trick for YouTube, feel free to share with us via comments below.

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