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Are you looking for a new way to promote your online handmade store? Have you tried using Facebook ads?

Facebook Ad Hacks That Make Online Sellers Make MoneyFacebook Ads work to help your business reach 2 billion Facebook users worldwide based on their location, age, gender, interests and more.

Can you imagine how many people you can expose your business to? Facebook ads are effective but not all campaigns work if you don’t know the important elements to include when promoting.

So how can you make sure a Facebook ad will be successful?

1. Image Ads

I suggest that you use image ads. Why? Because image ads are known to perform the best and people are less intimidated by them. You can check the correct photo dimensions for Facebook ads here.

2. Video Ads

If you are willing to put in effort and create a video ad, Facebook will reward you with very cheap advertising, which will greatly improve your conversions.

You can create simple videos by taking the images your of your store and/or products and adding texts over them.

Even better though, is to create a video demo ad. This is when you take a video of you/someone else using or making the product. To do it, all you need is the product yourself, and a camera – a smartphone will be fine for this.

You can scroll down below to see an example.

3. Facebook Ad Budgets

Facebook is great when it comes to showing your ad in front of the right people that are most likely to convert and purchase your products. It also tries to figure out how to best use your ad budget across the day.

Always remember that when you scale your campaign by increasing the ad budget midway through the day, it interrupts the algorithm.

Facebook’s system works by spending your daily budget across the whole day, testing to see what times of the day people are most interacting with your ad and converting.

If you change the ad budget halfway through the day, Facebook will have a hard time to try and spend your new advertising budget by the end of the day. That means that it doesn’t get to test it across a whole 24-hour period, so it spends it inefficiently – and thus collects inefficient data, negatively impacting your campaign.

To solve this problem, adjust your ad budget just after midnight. So that Facebook will have the entire day to use your ad budget and collect the correct data.

Most sellers don’t want to stay up until midnight just for this. What you can do is when you create your Business Manager account in Facebook, set your timezone to be one that is ahead of you. For example, if you live in California, you would be on Pacific Time. You could set your timezone to be Eastern Time, so that it would be 3 hours ahead.

That means you could update your ad budgets at 9pm instead of midnight.

You can check this video by Sarah from Wholesale Ted as she created a simple video demo ad of an item that she featured regularly on her channel:

The video Sarah replicated had amassed over 9 million views on Facebook over its ad campaign. It was very easy and took less than a minute to film and set up.

I hope that helps and motivate you to try a new strategy for your online sales. If you have tips or questions, please let us know in the comments.

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