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Are you wondering how you can set up the best craft show display with an autumn theme?

The Ultimate Fall Craft Show Display TrendsIf yes, keep reading!

Crafts shows are done frequently nowadays because of the hunger for handmade American products has increased during these times. In fact, a lot of people are trying to join \to supplement their income, an excellent decision during an uncertain job market.

Here are the best things you need to know when setting up a craft show display:

1. Rustic

This theme is still on a trend this year, however, this theme clearly do not appeal to everyone. In other regions of the country, the “Northwest rustic” tone is even more exotic and desirable. This trend may be an unconscious desire to hearken back to supposedly “simpler” times especially during fall.

2. Nostalgia

The urge to reminisce or remember older times is a great theme during fall as it adds drama and style into the display. This all relates to the “back to basics” trend that is sweeping across the country with the advent of more difficult economic times.

3. Eco-friendly

Customers like to know their purchases are having a big impact on the environment. Displays made of recycled and/or natural materials, organic fabrics, and other low impact components continue to be popular.

4. Functional vs. Decorative

Given a choice between an attractive but purely decorative display and a similarly attractive but functional display, people will often choose the functional. This trend for “functional art” may indicate how much more careful people are when it comes to spending money.

Now, let’s explore the best craft display trends this fall.



See this botanically inspired jewelry in booth 217 at the beautiful American Craft Expo in the Chicago Botanic garden.


Rustic themed display and products continue to be in style this year.


Never too early for Halloween ornaments.


Never too early for Christmas ornaments either.


Here’s a great inspiration for craft shows this Fall.


Take this minimalist display from the first day of #etsymadeincanada.


The rings just pop against that black!


A neat wooden display is always a classic tool.

Here are other displays to get inspiration from:






That’s all for now.

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