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Do you have so many craft supplies and they start to take over your creative space? Do you want to revamp your craft room with wonderful colors that will spark your creativity more?

top-favorite-craft-room-colors-according-to-etsy-sellersIt’s time to organize your craft supplies and revamp your crafting space!

But before you start, check what colors etsy sellers love for their room and get inspired!

  1. KBlossoms from KBlossoms: Pink for the Spring and Orange fall colors for the Fall
  2. Cassandra from LucyBirdy: Sage green, plum, and ivory, with white and gray accents. I’m so in love with that color scheme. It’s so elegant!
  3. Alicia Woodworth from SeekingEudaimonia: Neutrals (greys, tans with grey undertones) with pops of colors like turquoise, coral, peach, teal, and mint.
  4. Kevin from FlamingoEmporium: Flamingo pink
  5. Terri from PrintToPieces: Neutrals. I want the great art I’ve found on Etsy and other places to pop! So it’s museum like with led bulbs which do NOT hurt artwork unlike regular old incandescent 🙂

While you may not agree with their favourites and you already have something in mind for your craft room, it helps to understand the color scheme below to make sure that the colors you pick will evoke the aura you need.


We love colourful dreamy spaces! What about you? What kind of craft rooms do you like? Something colorful or maybe all white? Please share your crafting space’s colors to us in the comment box below.

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