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If you have decided to start a blog or website for your handmade business, it would be great to learn the best WordPress themes for your niche.

Top 8 Best WordPress Theme Providers On The Market TodayWith so many WordPress themes around, how can you be sure you’re working with the right one? Is your work fully optimized, do your blogs resonate and are you left smiling after a day at the keyboard?

To make life easier…

I decided to look in-depth at the 8 most popular WordPress themes and outline everything you need to know to make the best choice. Including:

  1. Best premium WordPress theme overall
  2. Best WordPress theme for blogs
  3. Best WordPress theme for photography

Plus things you didn’t even know was worth knowing!!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the review.

So what is a CMS (Content Management System) theme?

A CMS theme is a group of file codes and (generally) images that determine the look of a CMS website.

Is a ‘theme’ different to a ‘template’?

In the world of CMS, theme, and template generally, describe a design. The difference in general being; theme = whole website, template = individual page layout.

Confused yet?

Don’t be. This just means that when you are referring to the ‘components’ that control the Drupal site appearance, this is known as the theme.

The site ‘look’ can be changed using themes

The theme of a site is all about the ‘look.’ The benefit of a theme system means you can change the entire appearance of the site, without altering any of the content. By using a responsive WordPress theme, even websites containing thousands of pages can switch themes quickly and easily. Super useful.

What is extra functionality?

Because a theme concentrates on the look of a site, it limits its functionality. Many themes/templates include extra features which can be utilized. However, this is more common in WordPress and Joomla, rather than Drupal, (most likely as Drupal is more focused on building sites that have separate modules).

Also included in this extra functionality are ‘paid’ themes (although these don’t generally apply in the Drupal world).

Often, the primary selling point in a Joomla template or paid WordPress theme is the several extra features.

Of course, if a paid theme ticks all the boxes and is well maintained, then it’s not always a bad idea.

As promised, to help make the right decision for YOU, I’ll take that in-depth look at the Top 8 Best WordPress Theme providers, highlighting what works and what doesn’t.

1. Genesis

Genesis: a first-class theme framework that works together with WordPress (not websites but open source WordPress) and was created by StudioPress. It can be used as a standalone parent theme, but users will get the most from it by combining with a child theme.

2. Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes: As well as WordPress plugins and themes, Thrive Themes also offer additional resources to help create an effective website. Regardless of what your goals are, the products offered are there to help achieve the highest possible conversion rates from your website.

3. Elementor

Elementor: Used for WordPress and is a visual drag-and-drop page builder plugin. The plugin allows you to create and design pages by using the built-in elements – known as widgets, which do not require the use of HTML, CSS, code or short-code.

4. Themeisle

Themeisle: Began in 2012 and is a WordPress theme shop offering numerous highly rated plugins and themes. The themes aren’t individually available; however, club membership gives open access to all the themes.

5. Divi

Divi: A WordPress multipurpose theme which can be utilized to create any website. It is available from Elegant Themes as part of the pack containing 3 plugins and 87 themes.

6. Spacious

Spacious: A multi-purpose business WordPress theme that is free to download. It is versatile, professional, intuitive and creative and is classed as one of the most highly rated and favorite free WordPress themes within the directory.

7. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder: A drag-and-drop page builder used for WordPress. This plugin allows you to produce a website with your design choice, quickly and easily.

8. X Theme

X Theme: A creation by ThemeCo, a US-based WordPress theme shop. It is their first and very successful item within the ThemeForest marketplace.

Having opted to use themes, it can be overwhelming which theme to use on your WordPress site. With so many different options, all appearing to offer similar tools, it’s impossible to know where to begin.

However, I hope this post help you get started in choosing the right theme for your website.

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