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So, you have some great items you’ve made and you’re ready to try out the craft show circuit. But you ask yourself… what are the most essential things that I should place my focus on to get more sales?

Here’s some advice as to what to have on your craft show table.

1. Business Cards

business cards

Get some cool business cards for your craft show table. It is necessary to advertise your website. Some people at a craft show are just checking things out but not buying. So you need to make it easy for them to order later.

You can also use this to provide excellent customer service as they can use it to contact you if they want to buy more of your things or have an issue. Doing a simple business card on the computer with a word processing software or a desktop publishing program is can be very cost effective, rather than going to an outside business. And the paper can be pretty cheap depending on how nice you want your cards to be. Sometimes your kids or grandkids can help you with that too.

Make sure you put out your cards with its stylish DIY business card holders so people can take one with them in case they want to buy later at your online retail store. They could share your card with a friend that runs a little boutique…you never know how far that little card could go!

2. Display Tools


Once you are at a craft show, you will need to be creative when displaying your products. There are quite a lot of craft show display ideas on the web to get inspiration from. Display is a great help with drawing attention to your booth. The more professionally you display your products the more likely you will be to sell them. So make sure to make your booth as neat as possible. Don’t let it look un-kept or cluttered, people do not like to dig through stuff and do not like to move things to see others.

Also, make an impact with well designed tags and labels for all your items including the price and your contact information. Many items are purchased for gifts and you’ll want everyone to know how to order more. As part of making a good impression, don’t forget to have a decent craft show table cover. Never leave them bare, it looks cold, uninviting and unprofessional.

3. Credit Card Reader

credit card

Most importantly for those of you who have smart phones, a mobile credit card reader such as Square is an amazingly easy application for accepting credit cards at shows. You must look into it as most of craft show sellers’ total sales came from credit cards. However, it is only available in the U.S. But there are also other credit card apps available on your country that works the same way with Square.

4. Branding Tools – Banners And Mailing List


If you are selling at a craft show, you want people to remember your stall but also your craft business’ name – and a banner can help you with that. Nuff said!

Have a sign-up sheet for your mailing list. A list of potential customers during the holidays could be priceless!If they are interested in more information this allows you to reinforce your sales and build relationships with your customers even after the craft show event.

5. Giveaways


Craft show giveaways such as candies or discount coupons can work wonders breaking the ice with shoppers. I know it is hard giveaway samples without a guaranteed return…but try it!Shoppers might bring kids with them and candies will make them drag their parents on your booth. Also, everyone loves free stuff. So use it to attract customers to your table.

These 5 things should not be forgotten. However, there are also other things you need to bring to make your craft show experience fun and hassle-free.

>>>Download our free and printable craft show checklist here.

There’s always more to learn, but these tips should help you get started. Let us what you think about our list by leaving a comment below.

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