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Do you want to know some last minute Halloween marketing tips? Of course, you do!

Spooky Halloween Marketing Tricks For Handmade SellersThe scary Halloween is here, once every year on the 31st of October. It’s time everybody gets really excited about trick or treat, Jack-O’Lantern and candy bags.

This is the perfect day that provides fun opportunity for businesses to try cool and memorable marketing campaigns.

Most of the ‘holidays’ celebrated throughout the year centre around family and loved ones, but Halloween is all about fun – from young children going out trick-or-treating, through to adults getting dressed up for a more grown-up Halloween party.

So why should you do it? Simply because, it can help your business gain some interest and bring new customers into your Etsy shop or website.

In the US, total spending on Halloween has grown by more than $1-billion since 2012, and Halloween spending in the UK topped £310 million in 2017. Best selling products on this day includes candies, treats, decor, and costumes, but businesses in the handmade niche can also benefit through clever marketing.

There are a lot of tricks you can try this Halloween. Here are some fun and easy ideas for your Halloween-themed content:

  1. Try adding Halloween puns on Twitter
  2. Pick a color or theme (monsters, carnival, kid-friendly) and run with it
  3. Create spooky images and post one every day a week before Halloween
  4. Add fun illustrations to existing shots of your products
  5. Take pictures of your team in their costumes

If you want to learn more tips, check this video by Marketing Artfully:


Hopefully these ideas get your creative juices flowing. But we want to see what you’ve got. Share with us your strategy in the comment box below.

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