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So, you’ve made handmade jewelry. Now you’ve been thinking of selling your work but how do you get started? Are you wondering how you can securely and inexpensively transport or pack your handmade jewelry creations for a craft show?

How To Safely Pack Handmade Jewelry For A Craft ShowWe can help you with that!

For most sellers, they usually roll them on a big fabric. Or sometimes just place them in a plastic box.

Sure that’s easy but can you imagine how they wind up all tangled together badly when you reach the craft show event?

So what is the best idea to store or transport them?

Let’s hear it from sellers who have been selling beautiful handmade jewelry on craft shows for years now with the help of Jewelry Making Journal:

Transporting Necklaces
by: Sally V

“I use an “oversized” plastic bead/fishing tackle type box (with compartments), with some of the the dividers removed so that there are only 3 long compartments.

I slide 5-10 necklaces over my hand, tie a piece of ribbon through the bunch, and lay them in one of the compartments.

I do the same with bracelets, and they lay on top of the necklaces. This has worked well for me — very little tangling.”

Easy Travel Fix
by: Cindy Lou

“I have found that when using various sizes of displays for necklaces I take 1/4 inch elastic measure a secure band around my display with about a 2 inch extra piece on both sides. I then pull the elastic around the base and tie the two ends in a knot. This keeps the necklaces in place on upright display pieces for traveling. When you set up for a show just take it off and fluff. Super easy and it lets you pack several easle type, pegboard or frame types of holders in one crate. I also take felt squares and lay them over the jewelry as I pile the trays in to protect beads and metals. Very fast and convenient. Good Luck!”

Transporting Jewelry
by: Linda

“I do shows also and used to have a terrible time with tangled chains. I do wire wrapping, and for a while I removed the chains and put the pendants in trays. My chains are in a separate plastic container and strung through pieces of drinking straws. Now I have some of my pendants on the chains on easels. To transport them, I use food plastic wrap wrapped tightly around the whole easel. You can get a box for $1. I re-use the pieces as much as I can. I hope some of this helps. Rita, thanks for this newsletter. I’ve gotten so many good hints here!”

by: KJ

“I bought seed beads in hanks for years. The best way to travel with the hanks was to lay them on saran wrap and roll them. Works great for finished pieces too. I did note someone above mentioned using saran wrap around the entire display. I prefer to pack displays and finished pieces separately.

For my more expensive necklaces I buy cheap terry cloth hand towels in pairs. Lay one down, lay the necklaces on the towel spaced an inch or three apart, then lay the second towel on top and roll. To each end afix a rubber band. This is a cheap jewelry roll and works great, it is fast, easy, cheap, and reusable.”

Now let’s watch this video by BohoJouel- Sandra M. Belz to help you securely pack your handmade jewelry:


I love these suggestions above. I hope you love them too. How about you? How do you securely pack your handmade jewelry? Do you know an easier technique or you’re down to try the suggestions above? Please let us know in the comments.

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