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How To Reach Your Ideal Customers On PinterestA lot of people love to pin beautiful images of products, tutorials, etc. And so, sellers do a few gimmicks just to promote on Pinterest.

Let’s have a look over at ways to use Pinterest in a manner that will certainly draw in followers and prospective customers rather than drive away people.

1. Focus On Your Customer

The most ideal place in order to start with is to consider your best customer. The person who you are really building your business to serve. Make a list of words and phrases that these people would use to look for your small business or products and perform keyword research.

In some cases as practitioners in our niches, we unintentionally make use of specialized terms in which our buyers might just not use, so always keep that in mind too. Keep in mind, Pinterest is basically a research device and text participates in a critical role in how searchable your account, boards and pins are. Working with words from the checklist you made throughout your account will definitely boost your chances of being discovered on Pinterest.

2. Making Boards That Make Sense

Next off, ensure your boards make good sense.

When it pertains to board topics, I normally see businesses making the mistake of making an effort to be part of what’s popular on Pinterest even though it will not make sense to their business. For instance, although food is among the most significant categories on Pinterest it truly would not make sense for Craft Maker Pro, an inventory and pricing software, to have a recipe board.

However, this does not suggest that only food related businesses can possess food related boards. The boards simply just need to make good sense. As an example, home improvement seller, Lowe’s, carries out a fantastic job of taking advantage of Pinterest’s popular food category despite the fact that it isn’t really a food related business.


Among its several boards, Lowe’s features a board entitled It’s Grill Time. This board not only features pins that connect to the grills they offer, but also to dishes that can possibly be created on those grills. Exactly what a fantastic appropriate resource for their customers.

It is essential to remember that you are really not developing the Pinterest account for yourself, you are really developing it for your business and your business is present to cater to its own customers.

Think about Pinterest as an expansion of your customer care. You can possibly do this simply by making boards appropriate to your business that your preferred customer will certainly find appealing and helpful.

3. Using The Pinterest Search Feature

A Pinterest profile is a compilation of boards full of pins, however, what type of topics should your boards be about? A great place to search for ideas is your businesses’ website. Category titles on web site usually make perfect board titles and you already have content to pin to those boards. One more place to search for ideas for Pinterest board topics is Pinterest itself.

Make use of the Pinterest search function for terms or phrases connected to your business. Pay attention to the pins and boards that show up in those final results and employ them as ideas when it comes to your board’s subjects.

Preferably, a Pinterest account will have 10 to 12 boards each along with a minimum of five pins to begin. Even though not an exact science, starting with less boards could bring the impression that the profile isn’t really active and certainly not beneficial for a person to follow. As you invest more time throughout the Pinterest community you will certainly discover ideas for brand-new board topics.

4. Repinning Appropriate Content

Repinning appropriate material from other Pinterest profiles is actually a fantastic method to deliver helpful information to your followers and share the love on Pinterest.

Remember those dishes that Lowe’s pins? It is really not useful for Lowe’s to make this kind of content, however pinning other people’s content is actually a win for everybody. They are really making a beneficial, appropriate board for their followers, which in turn keeps Lowe’s top of mind and might result in additional sales.

When it concerns Pinterest, it is really not everything about you.

Making an account that is actually appropriate, concentrated, and beneficial to your customers, will certainly provide you the very best chance for success.

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