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Are you torn between having an Etsy shop and having your own website? Or do you have an Etsy store and thinking about starting your own website?

Pattern by Etsy - How To Turn Your Etsy Shop Into A WebsiteEtsy is a fantastic place to get your feet wet with online selling. But when it comes to growing and expanding the sales of your products, relying solely on Etsy as your main sales channel will drastically stunt the growth of your business.

Why not have both?

Yes. Pattern by Etsy is a new tool that enables you to design and launch your own website, using the work you’ve already put into your Etsy shop.

All of your Etsy shop listings will appear on your Pattern site, and order fulfillment works just the same as on Etsy, with access to all the same settings and tools.

All that’s left for you to do is the fun part: designing and customizing your Pattern site.

Here’s an example of one of the shops – Ozetta.

One thing that I personally think is lacking is the absence of a blog extension which could make a great spot for sellers to talk about their products, processes, customers, etc.

However, there are a lot of features that could make it up to that such as:


  1. It allows you to manage your Etsy shop and your Pattern site from the same place. Your inventory syncs automatically and you can process and ship orders just like you do now.
  2. With extensive stats and built-in mobile and search engine optimization, your Pattern site starts working for you on day one.
  3. Your customers can check out and pay just like they do from your Etsy shop. The transaction fee’s the same too—just 3.5%.
  4. Every listing you add to your Etsy shop will automatically be added to your Pattern site, with no additional listing fees.
  5. You will get the URL you’ve always wanted or connect your Pattern site to one you already own.
  6. Your site will always look nice, no matter the device.
  7. You can access abundant stats and analytical tools to keep your business growing.

They offer free trial for 30 days. After that, pay just US$15/month

Great move by Etsy indeed. Though $15/month for the integration and hosting the site (limited to a few themes) seems a bit steep.

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