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Nearly everyone has heard the phrase “dress for success,” and that’s right when you are selling at craft fairs!

Your clothes are all part of your marketing. You are marketing yourself as the maker. Think about what you are going to wear, match it to your personality and products, and then look confident.

Here are some beautiful outfit inspiration and ideas you can wear to your next craft show:


Fashionable outfit idea from Handmade Lives


Stylish outfit and accessories idea from Handmade Lives

burgundy sweater

Comfortable burgundy sweater outfit from Brandiesellers


Be recognizable as the craftsperson. Outfit idea from Handmade Lives

knit sweater

Stay comfortable with a knitted sweater and a skirt by The Girl In The Check Scarf


Lovely pink dress from StyleGawker


Fresh mint green dress from Scientific Culture Blog


Wear what you sell like this silk top dress from Villages News


Casual front tie denim top and jeans from Short Broke and Happy

Once you have determined your clothing, you need to focus on the rest of your appearance. Be conservative in your hairstyle and color. Keep your hands manicured. When you are holding your products to show them to your customers, believe it or not, they will notice your hands.


Last but not the least; don’t forget to wear your smile. Smile and greet your customers during craft shows. You may realize that when you smile at people, they will smile back. It is a reflex and the beginning process of getting a person to like you. If you have a smile that is welcoming, more people will be willing to like you, then trust you and most of all buy from you!

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