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Do you want access to over 21,000 video tutorials on a variety of topics, arts & crafts, business, marketing, and more? Do you want to learn more that will keep you creative and technical skills current?

Online Classes To Help Your Creative And Technical Skills UpdatedSkillfeed is a subscription service launched by Shutterstock to connect professionals who need to learn how to use their computers with creative types who want to make videos that do the teaching.

What Is Skillfeed?

Skillfeed, an online marketplace for learning. It helps creatives and digital professionals hone new and existing skills through online video training. Skillfeed will try to show the good videos, initially judged by popularity. The company also plans to add forums.

What You Will Learn?

Skillfeed curated over 80,000 videos so far from over 1,000 instructors — each of which has been reviewed for quality and subject matter. Subscribers can watch as many videos as they want, either longer-form courses or shorter “snacks” good for smaller periods of free time.

The highlights of Skillfeed include:

  1. Learn any time, any place: No need to schedule a class: Skillfeed is available anytime, on any device you’d like.
  2. Unlimited Learning: A wide variety of courses gives you everything you need to boost your creative & technical skills.
  3. Learn on your lunch break: Unique “Skill Snacks” offer quick tricks that you can learn in an hour or less.
  4. Improve your skills. These comprehensive courses help you learn new software or subjects from beginner to expert levels.
  5. Topics of study include: Adobe: Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Lightroom, Photoshop, & InDesign; Apple: iMovie, OS X, & iOS 7; Social Media: Facebook & Tumblr; Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, & Powerpoint and many more!

Learn from the world’s best instructors through Skillfeed, by clicking here.

What If You Want To Submit A Video Tutorial?

Instructors from around the world submit video tutorials for review by the SkillFeed staff. The group then makes the best tutorials available to users. Instructors are paid for video content based on the popularity of their clips. : Shutterstock keeps 70 percent of the proceeds, but the rest is divided among all contributors based on what fraction their videos were of the total time watched. The stated goal of the site is helping people improve their job skills, while helping instructors find a broader audience.

Sign up for a free trial today to check it out.

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