3 Tips On How To Be A Confident Writer Of Your Own Craft Blog

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If you’re an Etsy seller, a handmade artist, a small business owner, and want to write, produce, or create anything — chances are you’ve battled some kinds of thoughts that make you insecure with your writings..

3 Tips On How To Be A Confident Writer Of Your Own Craft BlogSelf-confidence is the single most essential ingredient an author needs to succeed, since good writing is never quick or easy. Fear and insecurity seem to go hand in hand with creativity and self-expression.

The most accomplished and productive writers I know are able to sustain a level of assurance and optimism. And that’s even when they’re feeling blocked, burned out and unappreciated.

There are no universal, cookie-cutter techniques writers can use to keep up their hopes and dreams. But these 3 tips by Marie Forleo from Marie TV will help you shake your newbie writer’s nerves.


A good tutorial or blog post sometimes need a boost to beat writer’s block. As for me, here are my boosters:

  1. Music: I have a playlist on my phone consisting of my favorite upbeat songs to get me in the mood.
  2. Coffee: A good cup of coffee really get’s me excited about well, words. I’m even more likely to talk after coffee ha! My friends said this is the one healthy addiction we’re allowed, and I agree.
  3. Pajamas: Being comfortable is one of those things we forget about. But, how many great blog posts have you written in a stiff suit? My blogging attire always includes warm slippers.

If you found this video helpful, please pass this along to your closest colleagues, clients and friends — anyone you think could use some support as they bring their dreams to life.

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