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While I was reading some craft forums on the internet, one issue seriously caught my attention.

It is not about fancy items that I’ve been longing to get, a hot new feature on Etsy, or a great photo that brightens up a day; it… is… about… YOU!

Here’s a short story:

“I find selling really difficult, if I smile at people they smile back and walk on. If I ask them if they are looking for something special they go “no no…” and rapidly walk on. I have sat and read a book putting it down the moment anyone arrives. I have tried sitting and actually making something. Still people glance at my table and walk on. We usually have happy banter within the sellers and often including the customers so there is a happy interaction. If someone could tell me what I do wrong that would be great.” – Hannelore

This is a common problem encountered during craft shows and absolutely not a new issue when it comes to selling online.

Why are they not interested in my handmade products???

Check out this awesome video by Derek Halpern, where he explains some of the key concepts in marketing and sales.


“Don’t be pushy ALL the time; be pushy at the RIGHT time.”

I hope that makes sense.

…and because Christmas time is fast approaching and it’s the season of giving, here’s a bonus for you to help you sell your handmade stuff:

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Share your story in the comments below and together let’s move forward in reaching our goals.

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