How To Make Envy Your Business Superpower

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Have you ever felt envy towards your friends, business competitors or even family members?

How To Make Envy Your Business SuperpowerHave you ever thought, “Why don’t I have what they have?” or “Why didn’t I come up with that idea?” and felt bad about the success of others?

Do you feel guilty?

Dealing with envy can be difficult for entrepreneurs because most people will tell you that feeling jealous or envious is a waste of time and we all know that doesn’t really help. When you focus with your feeling of envy, there’s a big chance your business will not survive because you lose focus on what you do well. You want superpowers that you can’t have.

What if I tell you it can be turned into a superpower?

Having a superpower comes with a lot of advantages. My friend can create wooden handcrafts and sell products like no one you’ve ever seen. He is unique and can always come up with his original idea. I’m amazed by his superpower and at times I’m envious.

When I have this twinge of envy, I gain a better understanding of myself. It helps me to see what I want and this helps me achieve my goal or learn to do it myself. That’s why I was able to create Craft Maker Pro.

I can’t create amazing handmade stuff but I was able to create something that would help artists do their inventory work easily.

If you want to start feeling positive about envy, use this simple method to take that awful feeling and turn it into a positive and activating force.

Ask yourself:

What negative trait/s turned superpower do you possess?

These superpowers can help you build a business that separates you from the crowd. Next you have to figure out how to leverage these superpowers within your business.

Check this video from MarieTV and you will discover the difference between jealousy and envy, plus an easy 3-step technique that will turn your envy into a powerful tool for self-motivation.


So now, what’s your superpower? Please share it with us in the comments.

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